Handmade Leader with a Sighter/Swivel

Handmade Leader with a Sighter/Swivel


I make, use, and sell these leaders using 25lb test Maxima Chameleon line for the butt section and then I add 0x tippet, which I then attach to a 2x sighter.  Finally, I add a Scientific Anglers #25 microswivel to the end.  You can tie on any size/length of tippet to the swivel and go from there depending on how long of a leader you want.


I have talked with several guides the past few years and many of them told me how they always use a swivel when setting up leaders for nymphing or streamer fishing.  


I started using/making leaders with a sighter/swivel and have drastically improved my hook and catch rate while nymphing.  Use these leaders with a euro nymphing setup or attach a striker indicator above the sighter so you know your flies are getting down.



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